Staying the Course for Amazon Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

12.02.20 04:17 PM By Ernest

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everything upside-down, bringing chaos to even the largest global operations. Amazon has grown to be a force of business around the world, but even they are not immune from the struggles that come from the spread of this virus.

Perhaps the most impactful effect has been Amazon’s suspension of all non-essential inbound shipments to their warehouses. Though they originally meant for this freeze to be limited in time, the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation has necessitated an open ended and much longer than originally planned duration.

The reasoning behind the freeze is not a secret. By freeing up logistical channels to focus on more essential needs like personal hygiene, household cleaning, and baby products to name a few, it is more likely that those being quarantined and those who cannot leave their homes will be able to get the things they need to live. At the same time, there are plenty of people who rely on income they make from FBA sales solely, with no other real alternative.

The Non-Holiday Sales Boom

What remains on Amazon is an incredible field of competition that has risen from the wake of the new policies put in place to help aid consumers during this time. Everyone is stuck at home, around the globe, and they are all turning to the internet to buy things. With Amazon being one of those massive online retailers, anyone with inventory is experiencing a sales boom that resembles something like holiday sales.

For many people who sell on Amazon, this is not only exciting, but the huge increase in sales is truly helping them get through what is being called the worst downturn of the economy since the Great Depression. Sadly, not all sellers are reaping these benefits because of the freeze Amazon has in place. More than a few sellers have given up waiting for things to settle down, especially since it seems like each week just gets worse from the one before.

Even so, with bad news all around, giving up is the biggest mistake that can be made right now. There are huge benefits to selling online as nearly all of the would-be brick and mortar retail traffic has moved online and is spending more than they might have in the store itself. Sales of food items have jumped 213%, according to a study done in March, and household products ecommerce sales have seen an increase of over 600%.

While these increases make sense, the study also showed that online sales of furniture, toys, consumer electronics, and clothing have jumped between 200 and 400% since this time last year. What’s more, that number continues to grow. So the question for those who sell on Amazon shouldn’t be ‘when’ to start selling again, but ‘how’ to start selling again now. Now is the perfect selling climate – the traffic and the money are there, and you should be too.

How to Get Back in the Game and Sell on Amazon Despite these Restrictions

A good entrepreneur is one who finds a way despite the obstacles. Those who know what they have to gain in today’s selling climate know that it is still possible to sell things on Amazon, as long as you are willing to fulfill the orders with a different method. FBA not being an option, sellers could opt to sell and ship things themselves. For many, especially those with big inventories, this can be more than a little daunting. It not only takes time and organization, but space for the inventory itself as well.

If that sounds overwhelming, then a better alternative lies in the idea of 3PL providers who can act as your Amazon fulfillment partner. 3PL stands for third party logistics and is a service that is purchased by a seller to provide storage space for an inventory along with fulfillment and shipping services. The right 3PL company can make selling easy, even in this time where Amazon is unable to offer their usual streamlined process.

There are a ton of benefits to opting for a winning strategy like the one found at 3PLWinner - not only will a seller be able to maintain and preserve their income streams during this chaos, keeping life as close to normal as possible, but they can even expand on their operations as this service can fulfill orders for more than just Amazon. With the ability to seamlessly integrate across multiple channels and in various locations, this option opens a door to let businesses expand. It may seem like a strange time to grow a business, but with so many experts saying that “normal” may be a thing of the past, positioning to sell online may serve to create a brighter future when this finally passes.

3PLWinner’s Benefits

Other benefits of 3PLWinner’s services include start shipping and logistical management programs that not only get your goods where they are going, but provide you with up to the minute data on where, what, and how of any and all shipments in the pipeline. Between software and the experience of the 3PLWinner team, your business can save time and money with reliable customer service that offers your company direct access to decades worth of Amazon and logistics knowledge.

There is no minimum or commission based on quantity of goods shipped or sold, and options that are both long and short term to fit any need. Convenient rates fit almost any budget and the space to store the largest or the smallest amounts of inventory with a warehouse that spans over 70,000 square feet, through which it is easy to manage your logistics and make it easy to sell not only on Amazon, but anywhere online.

Be Ready for the Rebound

Of course there are some who would rather not sell on Amazon right now, and for those, 3PLWinner’s services are invaluable as well. For anyone waiting for the day after, which things start to return to normal, there will be but one chance to jump in and snag most of the sales while others are still fiddling with getting their inventory to Amazon. 3PLWinner can offer warehouse space in which to store your products imported from China so that they are ready to go as soon as Amazon warehouses open. Your goods can be one of the first to ship back into Amazon, and since other sellers won’t be moving as fast, it will be your goods that show up for sale and which are purchased by sellers eager to return to the way things once were. Positioning is everything, and we can help you be prepared for that day

Regardless of what category of products is being sold, opting for a 3PL partner is the easiest way to transition from the typical FBA methods to something sustainable today. With warehouse capability, integrated with shipping options and logistical know-how, keeping your Amazon business afloat and healthy really has not been easier.