Adding Value to Your Amazon Business

04.01.22 04:19 PM By Ernest

Building your business is not an easy feat, but it is well worth the time and effort you put into it when you finally see the profits roll in. To get started can mean looking at a lot of moving parts and making important and impactful choices, so take some time to see exactly what each choice brings to the business, especially when it comes to choosing your 3PL partner. There will be plenty of paths that won’t benefit you as much as others, so as the old adage goes -measure twice and cut once! Take stock of what’s out there, and do plenty of research before signing on the bottom line!

Value Added Services

No matter what you sell on Amazon, having the right logistical options and services at your disposal can make or break your business. With the right partner handling your warehousing, packing, shipping, and logistical needs, you can spend more time working with customers and less time worrying about how to store and send your inventory.


1) Proximity - A Prime Location

The location of the warehouse you choose to partner with needs to be in a great location. You need a warehouse that is in the middle of it all. Shipping times from such a location will not only rival Amazon itself, but will do so at a potentially cheaper cost than that charged by Amazon. Check into how far away a company’s warehouse is from the entry point of your goods too. If the warehouse is nearby, you won’t have a long delay between your shipment making it through customs and it being available for sale. No long trip via transport truck, no major costs associated with such travel, and less risk of loss along the way.


2) Familiarization with Amazon

Selling on Amazon requires a unique and specific approach to the ecommerce process. For that reason, it is important to partner with a 3PL company that has specific experience with Amazon. Do your research and make sure they know the ins and outs of not only logistics itself, but the many regulations and stipulations Amazon puts on Seller Fulfilled Prime. By partnering with an experienced company familiar with this specific ecommerce sector, you reap the benefits of that experience and you gain valuable insight into the process without having to put in the years yourself.


3) High-Tech, Modern Facilities

Modern tech allows any company to offer services that are lightyears ahead of the competition. Look for a 3PL partner who has taken the time to build in a lot of upgrades that not only serve to protect the inventory that Amazon sellers have entrusted to them, but also to make the processes involved in picking, packing, shipping, and tracking each item as it moves through the logistical process intuitive and simple. Choosing a tech forward company will get you access to these upgrades and proprietary services to help you better manage your business as a whole.

3PLWINNER California

4) End to End Solutions Built for Amazon Selling

From receiving your inventory, to shipping it off to the customer, the logistics partner that you choose should offer end to end support for every step of the selling process. Nearly a hands off process, Amazon sellers no longer need to be caught in the web where only Amazon offers the perfect fit solution to selling on Amazon - at a hefty price. Instead, you can save money and time along the way without having to deal with all of Amazon’s little charges and unknown regulations by choosing to opt for third party logistics services.

3PLWINNER california

5) Continuous Improvement

Stagnant companies don’t make business headlines. If you want to grow your business and reach your goals, it’s important to pair with a company that isn’t content to just sit and let things happen. Choose a logistics provider that is always learning and observing the process, so they can implement improvements that benefit their clients. From more efficient ways to handle inventory, to upgraded programs and proprietary solutions, the right experts will make the path to your increased selling goals, and higher profits, seem simple.



The Perfect Partner

With these value added services all underline the hard work you already do. Having a partner to back you up and make sure your products get into the hands of customers in a timely and efficient manner is half the job. Running a business on your own is hard, but thanks to 3PLWINNER, you never have to walk that road alone. With modern, tech-forward warehouses that are close to the Port of Los Angeles, receiving and transport times are cut dramatically. Complete, end to end solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and built with the experience of 3PLWINNER’s combined decades of experience mean that you’ll be able to handle every aspect of the logistics process without the hassle, putting you on the path to success with your ecommerce business today.