8 Minutes Workout If You Sit All Day

Physical inactivity is associated with a significantly large number of health problems, such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease, metabolic disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Running your own business requires sitting for long periods of time which is also associated with an increased number of health concerns. Specifically, in jobs that require prolonged sitting, the individuals must take breaks every 1-2 hours and move their bodies. Functionality-wise and other job-related performances are expected to increase as long as we receive the appropriate conditions to maintain adequate physical and mental health. 

The good news is that you and your family can stay in shape during your  entrepreneurship journey , and you don’t need to go to the gym to do it.

We at 3PLWINNER want to help you stay healthy and moving, and we hope you’ll consider these ideas to enhance your overall well-being

Here we suggested an - 8 minutes of dynamic stretches workout that does not need the use of any equipment and can be practiced in any available space: 

1) Dynamic Chest Stretch (60 secs)

2) YTW (60 secs)

3) Gator Stretch (60 secs)

4) Quadriceps stretch (60 secs)

5) toe raises (60 secs)

6) Hip rotation (60 secs)

7) Dynamic knee hugs – (60 secs)

8) Hip openers – (60 secs)

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